Anti Eyebrow Piercing stylish ideas

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Campaign…Join Us

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Campaign…Join Us

Usually the only people who find eyebrow piercing attractive are those who have eyebrow piercings. Only a certain segment of the population thinks that piercing an eyebrow is a good idea. To the majority of us it not only looks painful, it doesn’t make you any more attractive. Not only is it something that alters you in a way that is permanent, it gives an impression to the world that you aren’t to be taken seriously. When going to a job interview having an eye brow piercing is going to limit the number of positions that you are eligible for.

Why choose anti Eybrow piercing

Why choose anti Eybrow piercing

Why you should be anti eyebrow earrings?

There are many things that the younger generation will do to make a statement. The statement that you make with an eyebrow piercing is something that you will carry with you forever. Long after you have matured and realized that it was a bad idea the whole will remain in your eyebrow. It also is something that is painful, if you want to make a statement there are better ways to do so. Try doing something like bleaching your hair, that will grow out when you are done without any permanent repercussions.

Who is going to be against eyebrow piercing?

There are many segments of the population who are going to judge you perhaps wrongly, and limit your ability to obtain things you may want for yourself. Not many corporations are looking for people with eyebrow piercings, or are many sales made between corporate heads and those selling products with rings in their eyebrows. It is something to take into consideration. Although we would all like to believe that you don’t judge a book by its cover, that is exactly what we all do, we all judge by appearance, even those who have eyebrow piercings.

Other reasons to be against eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercings are subject to infection frequently and they can be dangerous when playing sports. They also are not the best impression you can make to a potential mother in law. No parent is excited when their son or daughter starts associating with a person who has an earring hanging out of their eyebrow. Most of the time eyebrow piercings are only one of many piercings on the body, and they do say something about who you are, whether that is good or bad, it is limiting for sure.

If you are not for eyebrow piercing raise your voice

If you are among the rest of us that believe that eyebrow piercing should be a thing of the past, raise your voice and join our campaign. I don’t want a person with an eyebrow piercing being my child’s camp counselor, nor do I want them serving me my food at the restaurant. Nothing is worse than seeing a beautiful girl with an earring in her upper eye, that just screams “Daddy issues”. So if you are tired of watching the younger generation defile themselves, join us, start your own anti eyebrow piercing campaign and tell them it’s just not a good idea.


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